My Daily Routine

I normally wake up around 3AM, when you are my age and have a huge prostate 4 hours of sleep at a time is about all you get. I fire up the coffee maker do my personnel hygiene the set in my recliner with my coffee and my back against my friend the heating pad, I  ruptured 4 disk in my lower back about 2 years ago lifting weights and they just gave out. The heating pad relives the muscle pain. I set there for about 20 minutes to limber my back and gather my thought for the day, Then I start my 45 minutes of back stretches and strengthening exercises my PT gave me, I always do these because it loosens up my back so I can function through the day. I then start eating. About 2 years ago I went on a diet and lost 45 pounds I had put on from just setting around and doing nothing. Part of this was eating about a dozen small meals a day and counting every calorie and the amount of nutrients that I eat every day, Something that I still continue to do. Now struggle to eat enough calories to maintain my weight. Next I fire up the computer and spend a couple of hours on it getting all my news and tech news for the day. I dumped my cable a couple of months ago and gave up watching the boob tube because I was wasting to much time watching TV. Next I usually run my errands if I have any then go over to the clubhouse in the complex I live in and use their free WiFi to conserve this 4G data I have. I normally spend 3 or 4 hours over there. They have three women that work there and I have kind of adopted them as my children and they treat my like a friend and a father figure. Turns out there use to be a guy who was a bit older than me who did the same thing a year back until hey died i His apt and one of the girls found him because they had wondered where he had been. So at least if I die up her all alone I should be found before I smell up the place to bad. By then its afternoon and I am packing down more food and take my daily nap in the recliner with my heating pad for about an hour. More errands follows or a trip to the mall. I enjoy people watching and just walking up to strangers and starting a conservation. Around 6pmI put in my daily blur ray disk I get from netflix and watch it. I just got the blue ray player when I moved in this complex a couple of months ago.It’s amazing the difference in the picture quality and the best 70 bucks I ever spent. Then I read on my kindle for a couple of hours until I get sleepy. My daughter got me this kindle fire about a year and a half ago and I rediscovered my fondness for reading, it also helps my memory because I focus on every word and don’t just skim through like I used to. Everyone have a great day and try to do at least one positive thing for a stranger every day if you can. you will be surprised how good it makes you feel.


3 thoughts on “My Daily Routine

  1. It is strange how as we grow older we can still change and adapt to our ‘new’ life. I eat a lot of small meals too and have lost a lot weigh.. a lot, I had gotten a little on the fat side of life from being sick and lazy but I feel like a new person now. I don’t a blu ray player but I don’t watch a lot of tv either..i usually have it on for the noise factor. good blog and I have a kindle too that I need to dust off and start using. hope you have a great day and the blessings from doing for others is our blessing more than the one you help.. good blog Bob!

    • Thanks Sherryl, I thought it was kind of boring but it was all i had in me today.

      • it wasn’t boring.. i enjoyed reading it and I miss reading blogs.. i must say though, there was a few of the old 360 friends that I don’t miss their drama. tehehe.. i think blogging is good mental therapy for us.. older folks. lol

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