A great day

Yesterday I had a fruitful and wonderful day even if it did have a few hiccups along the way. I had sent my son the address of the IHOP we were going to meet at the night before in Salina a town about midway between us . I left the house about 15 minutes early went to plug in my Garmin and all I got was a blank screen. Now mind you with my memory I cant get around without a navigation device of some kind. I knew I had one on phone so I opened it and tried to use it. Needles to say because it was already on my phone it was a piece of junk and couldn’t find the address I was looking for. So I searched the apps on my phone and found one I could buy for 8 bucks. I have never bought a app for my phone or computer always used the free ones but I thought this was much cheaper than spending 400 bucks for a new Garmin. So I pushed the button purchase. Since I had never bought a app before I didn’t have a account sent up I had to set one up and there went the extra 15 minutes I had to spare. Now this is a cool app it does everything my Garmin did plus after you set up the trip you can save it so you aren’t using data along the trip. Off I went like a bat out of hell when I was almost there my son sent me a text that said he was there. I don’t like to text and drive but I entered 10 min and before I could push the send button I had drifted into the left lane just enough that a car honked at me and that woke my dumb ass up! When i got there I didn’t see His car so I went inside and didn’t see him. So I sent him another text and told him to walk outside like I did and no Cory. To make a long story short he was at the IHOP on the other side of town, Both of them were on the same street but had slightly different addresses. I told Him to drive around town to meet me since my trip took much longer than His. After He missed a couple of turns He arrived about 30 minutes later. We Had a great time catching up with each other and actually learned quite a bit about each other we never knew. Plus He filled in my lack of memory on some things that happened after the divorce and some that I dint know had happened. We sent about 3 hours there then left agreeing to meet here at least 3 or 4 times year. I drank a ton of coffee before I left and a whole thing while I was there so I had to stop three times on the way home to get rid of it. I had to stop a 4thtime and but some more coffee because I was getting to sleepy to drive. I forgot to mention earlier that before this trip started I had only slept about 3 hours the night before. I was about 15 minutes away from home looking forward to my nap in the recline with the heating pad on when my sister called and said she was in tow and wanted to come by to see me place so much for the nap. She stayed about 30 minutes and liked the place we didn’t have much to catch up on because I had lived out there buy her for so long. When I take naps I always use the alarm on my phone to make sure my nap doesn’t turn into a 3 hour sleep. After my nap I watched a netflix DVD and went to bed without reading I was so tired. I slept my three hours like normal got up to pee then slept two more hours. Today I just rested totally blew off my Sunday house keeping day and don’t even care. I did do my laundry but that was it. If it get done great if not so what there is no body here net me. Now its movie time then try to read until l I get sleepy. Don’t think I will make it to the reading part tonight.


One thought on “A great day

  1. sounds like you had a good visit with your son even though you had few hiccups getting there… and home. I never mean to take naps, they just happen sometimes.. 3 hours of sleep just is not enough for me.. I get pretty cranky. Enjoyed reading your blog , it took me a little while to find it..and I still don’t know how I got here.. I need a Garmin to get around this little blogging town.

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